Aluminium Angle – Unequal Imperial

Size InchKg/m
2 x 1 x 1/80.628


General Steel Services


  • 3m width up to 6mm in Mild Steel
  • 3m width up to 3mm in Floor Plate
  • 3m width up to 3mm in Stainless Steel
  • Up to 3mm thick, Min strip width = 22mm
  • Above 3mm thick, Min strip width = 25mm


  • LVD Easy Form with laser angle measure.
  • 220 tonne with 4m fold width.

High quality Piranha machines made on the latest cnc machinery using the finest tool steels and hardened in house to ensure a level of quality every time.

  • Piranaha P90 machine
  • 5 to 36mm round and flat-sided oval for holes and slots. Other shapes on request
  • 26 gauge to 25 mm thick plate in Mild steel
Sawing, Manual and CNC
  • Max rectangular 820mm x 420mm
  • Max Round 400mm
  • Mitres at any angle up to 60°
  • Single bar and bundle feed


Profile Department Services


Laser Cutting

We using Trumpf Trulaser Series 5000 very productive machines with innovative high quality technology.

These powerhouses set high standards of productivity and cost efficiency. This is made possible by dynamic drives, high axis speeds and a high  degree of automation. BrightLine and BrightLine fiber quarantee the highest part quality when cutting thick sheets in Co2 and solid-state laser technology fields. Thanks to its innovative cooling concept, the Co2 laser is the best of its class when it comes efficiency.

  • High-quality results in thick sheet metal due to the BrightLine fiber option and CoolLine
  • Precise contour cutting due to stable machine concept
  • Outstanding processing results with minimal piercing times

Our current processing range we can cut on the laser machines

  • From 0.5mm to 25mm in Mild Steel
  • From 0.5mm to 25mm in Stainless Steel
  • From 0.5mm to 15mm in Aluminium

Weld Preps.  

Straight edge bevel using Gullco Prep Machine. Any length or width is possible. Small parts prepped using Trumpf TKF1500.

High Definition Plasma Cutting

The HyPerformance® HPR260XD plasma system has been designed and built for maximum performance and productivity in x-y, bevel and robotic cutting operations. The versatile 260-amp rated system combines fast cutting speeds, rapid process cycling, quick changeovers and high reliability, and gives you unmatched HyPerformance cut quality from very thin up to heavier thicknesses.

◦ From 0.5mm to 40mm thick plate

◦ S275 / S355 / ABRO / EN8 / RQT / CORTEN / BOILER

◦ 2 off HPR 260 XD machines 13m × 4m cutting area with TRUE HOLE technology

◦ Spot Marking

Oxy / Propane Gas Cutting

Oxy fuel cutting is a process which has been around for over 100 years. However, it’s still widely utilized today, and it’s still a very important aspect and technology of many industries. In this quick guide, you’ll learn more about oxy-fuel cutting, what it is, how it works and how it compares to other cutting technologies.

  • From 6mm to 250mm thick plate
  • Twin head system 13m × 4 m cutting area
  • S275 / S355 / ABRO / EN8 / RQT / CORTEN
Addtitional Services

Weld Preps.  

Straight edge bevel using Gullco Prep Machine. Any length or width is possible. Small parts prepped using Trumpf TKF1500.


Offering site measure and CAD detailing services is also a key component in our ability to provide a comprehensive one stop shop where we can take care of your entire steel and aluminium requirements, project managed from start to finish.

3D Developments

  • We can produce 3D shapes from your information
  • Cylinders / Cones / Segmented Bends / Square to Round / Lobster Backs

CAD Services

  • All popular CAD file formats are accepted DWG / DXF / NC1 / Solid Works etc
  • CAD drawing service of customer design or sketch done FREE OF CHARGE
  • Scan & draw import CAD from paper or card template
  • Shape development for rolling Cylinder; Cone; Lobster-Back; Square to Round ask for other shape developments
  • Weld Prep / straight edge bevel using Gullco Plate Beveller any length / width
  • Shear / guillotine up to 3mm in 12mm plate or 10mm Durbar

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